Why Allied Professionals are Opting for Higher Malpractice Insurance Limits

Posted on: December 27, 2023 by Huntersure

Because of increasing contractual requirements and higher litigation costs, professionals need to start seeking higher malpractice insurance limits. Agents at Huntersure Insurance are aware of this need and are prepared to help professionals through the Excess Allied Healthcare Program. 

This program will give professionals the coverage they need with the desired flexibility. Ensuring they have the limits they need on their Allied malpractice insurance plan can protect them if they experience a lawsuit.

Why the Higher Limits?

There are several reasons why professionals need higher malpractice insurance limits in the medical field. Contracts have higher requirements for insurance limits, so professionals may need to have a higher limit to be in compliance with their contracts. 

Malpractice suits may be more common than people think. According to American Medical Association benchmark data, nearly 2% of physicians face a malpractice lawsuit each year. The risks also increase over time, with over 30% of physicians reportedly being sued at some point in their careers. 

Although many cases get resolved outside court, settlements and legal fees can still be costly, and having an insurance plan with a higher limit ensures medical professionals have the coverage they need throughout the process. The goal should be to prevent these lawsuits through risk mitigation strategies, which involve evaluating and assessing the risks and how to prevent them from happening. 

How Huntersure Insurance Can Help Your Allied Healthcare Clients

Huntersure Insurance is here to provide clients with Allied malpractice insurance needs. Huntersure LLC agents recognize and are prepared to address the need for higher limits on malpractice insurance. 

The Excess Allied Healthcare Program offers tailored solutions for medical professionals, giving them the coverage they need to focus on doing their jobs without fearing what could happen in the event of a malpractice suit. The flexibility gives them the freedom to find the plan that will work best for them and can help them find the limits they need.

Tailoring Coverage to Professional Needs

Working with an insurance agent is critical to ensure clients are covered everywhere they need. Higher limits often mean a higher premium, but it’s important not to cut corners or reduce coverage in other areas to make up the difference. 

An agent can help ensure the plan is comprehensive and offers coverage in various circumstances.

Do Your Clients Require Higher Malpractice Insurance Limits?

Having a higher Allied malpractice insurance limit is crucial for healthcare professionals to ensure they have the necessary coverage in the event of a lawsuit. Educating Allied professionals on the need for this higher malpractice limit will ensure they can find the right insurance plan for them. To learn more about professional liability insurance for the Allied Healthcare sector, contact Huntersure LLC.

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