Huntersure: Professional Liability Insurance for Architects, Engineers & Design Firms

Huntersure’s Architects, engineers and design firms professional liability policy is specifically designed to address the unique exposures faced by these professionals. The policy provides both defense protection in the event of allegations of professional negligence, as well as supplemental payments and coverage designed to assist your client in dealing with the events of a claim.

Program features

  • Available to individuals and firms with up to $10 million in professional fees
  • Policy limits up to $5 million on a Primary or Excess basis
  • Minimum premium of $5,000 for a $1 million limit
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Contingent Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage
  • Automatic and optional extended reporting periods
  • Joint Venture Liability
  • Loss of Data and Documents
  • Personal Injury coverage
  • Court attendance costs
  • Claims expense for disciplinary proceedings
  • ADA, FHA and OSHA coverage
  • Pre-Claims Assistance
  • Project Specific policies and limits

Huntersure: Rely on us to expand your footprint in E&O insurance.

We make doing business with us easy with our breadth and depth of knowledge of E&O insurance, our proprietary underwriting system that allows for responsive quoting, binding and policy issuance and tailored products to meet the needs of your insureds. To find out more about our products for Architects, Engineers & Contractors contact us at 646-751-3055.