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General and Professional Liability Coverage for Allied Healthcare Providers

Posted on: December 23, 2016 by Huntersure LLC.

While we most commonly deal with physicians, nurses, and dentists when we seek medical care, there is, in fact, a large spectrum of healthcare providers outside of those three categories. According to Health Times, the term Allied Healthcare refers to all of the medical professionals outside of the categories of medicine and nursing, with examples being occupational and speech therapists, dietitians, podiatrists, pharmacists, and many others. In addition, many allied healthcare providers not only work in hospitals but also in areas such as assisted living facilities, schools, and their patients’ homes. Due to the more specialized nature of their fields, allied healthcare professionals have their own unique risks, so it is important for allied healthcare providers to have general and professional liability coverage.

General vs. Professional Liability Coverage

Liability insurance for allied healthcare providers comes in two types: general and professional. Both policies will protect your business, but in different manners. As stated by Insureon, general liability insurance protects companies against general lawsuits brought about by third parties that any company could face. Some examples of this are damage to their property caused by you or your company and injuries they received on your company’s premises.

On the other hand, professional liability insurance, also referred to as errors and omissions (E&O), covers lawsuits that specifically pertain to your company’s professional services, such as contract violations or poorly performed services. Even though there are two types of liability insurance, many companies offer policies that contain both forms, which ensures that all potential risks will be adequately covered.

Why Allied Healthcare Providers Should Have General and Professional Liability Insurance

Certain aspects of the allied healthcare field can be potential risks, which is why it is crucial for allied healthcare professionals to have liability coverage. According to Investopedia, because allied healthcare professionals often provide care in their patients’ homes, they may not be protected by their facility’s liability coverage, and it opens up avenues for additional risks. One such risk is allegations of abuse. As many allied healthcare professionals work with children and the elderly, they are vulnerable to accusations of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. As many allied healthcare professionals work independently, they often do not have the same resources as larger hospitals and companies.

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