Claims Scenarios for Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Following are some claims examples in the MPL sector to help illustrate the type of exposures insureds face and our insurance solutions available to address each claims.

Insurance Benefits Consultant

Our insured, an insurance benefits consultant, received a claim asserting that the insured failed to submit the necessary paperwork to advance the renewal date on the client’s health benefits to a later date. The client claims that the insured’s failure has resulted in the loss of an additional period of time during which the benefits would be less expensive. We are defending the insured in this matter under their Professional Liability program.

Property Manager

A residential building manager was brought into a lawsuit against the building owner by a previous tenant in the building alleging that the resident was exposed to toxic mold during the time that the resident was in the building. The building owner has agreed to provide our insured with a defense of this claim, saving the insured the trouble of actively having to participate in the defense and their deductible as well.

Multi-Media Company

We have a multi-media company that was brought into a suit by a company alleging that our insured unfairly competed with them and interfered with prospective economic advantage. The substance of this claim would be covered by the Multi-Media Professional Liability policy that we issued to the insured.


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