Huntersure: Professional Liability Insurance for Technical Consultants

Huntersure began with a single binder writing specialized professional liability insurance for professionals engaged in engineering, environmental consulting, testing/inspection services, technical consulting and product design. Our Technical Consultants program is written through London-based insurers with an A.M. Best rating of “A XV”.

We offer Professional Liability for Technical Consultants designed to support each insured’s contractual requirements, by providing flexibility in coverage descriptions, limits and retentions. Limits of up to $2 million for primary and $3 million for excess are available and coverage can be limited to specific jobs or projects.

Experience At Work

Agents and brokers look to Huntersure insure Technical Consultants, led by Colin Campbell-Harris, because of the professional liability experience of our staff. Mr. Campbell-Harris has nearly 40 years of experience serving this market. In addition, our partners rely on our detail focused underwriting and our ability to break down complicated risks and understand non-standard classes of businesses. We also provide quick turnaround on all submissions we receive, and work closely with brokers to customize coverage to satisfy the insured’s expectations or contractual requirements. With our experience, we can quickly find workable solutions to risks that other insurers might not be willing or capable to tackle.

Program features

  • Policy Limits Up to $2M for Primary Coverage and $3M for Excess Coverage
  • Minimum Premium of $5,000 for a $1M limit
  • $5,000 Minimum Retention
  • Contingent BI/PD Coverage
  • Project Specific Coverage
  • Tailored Description of Services for Each Unique Risk
  • Optional Bilateral Extended Reporting Period for Up to 1 Year
  • User-friendly Claims-Made Application Form
  • Available for Accounts Domiciled in the U.S. and Canada
  • Worldwide Coverage

Additional Information


Huntersure: Rely On Us to Expand Your Footprint in E&O insurance.

We make doing business with us easy with our breadth and depth of knowledge of E&O insurance, our proprietary underwriting system that allows for responsive quoting, binding and policy issuance and tailored products to meet the needs of your insureds. To find out more about our products for Technical Consultants, contact us at 516-907-2637.