Huntersure: Our Approach to Claims Management

Most Managing General Agents write business on behalf of carriers and have no involvement on claims. Huntersure’s approach has always been claims-centric. On our large law firm, accounting firm and management consultants’ programs, we have claims handling authority on behalf of our carrier partner. Our in-house software is accessible to all of our insurer partners on a 24/7 basis. That system not only handles underwriting and accounting but also claims.

On those programs in which we do not have claims handling authority, we do have claims oversight. We write up and monitor all of our claims on the same basis whether we have claims authority or claims oversight.

Our commitment to making certain that our claims are handled properly and that our insureds are treated fairly and on a timely basis is backed up not only by our investment in our systems, but also in the fact that we have invested heavily in our dedicated claims team.


Dennis Mullins came to Huntersure with twenty-five years of monitoring counsel experience at a firm that has more monitoring counsel assignments on large law firms than any other firm in the United States. Dennis was the co-chair of the professional liability practice group at the firm before joining Huntersure in 2009. Dennis is still ultimately responsible for all claims at Huntersure and spends the majority of his time working on claims.


Brendan Groarke joined Huntersure in 2015 after working as monitoring counsel at the same law firm as Dennis Mullins and Michael McGrath. Brendan was a Partner in the professional liability practice group and has over 15 years- experience handling claims for large law firms and accounting firms.

In addition to the personnel listed above, each of our underwriters is charged with working on the claims involved in the business that they underwrite. We believe that no underwriter can really appreciate the risk that they write on the front end unless they have intimate knowledge of the exposure on claims.

We also believe it is fundamentally important that our insureds know that the person that they meet in an underwriting meeting is the same person who they will deal with when they call on their coverage to provide the protection they were promised.