Huntersure: Professional Liability Insurance for Construction Management Firms

With the increasing role in projects that Construction Management firms have undertaken in the last 10 to 15 years, they face many of the same professional liability issues confronting architects and design professionals. These Construction Management Firms often serve as the “single point person” to design and build the project or to be the owner’s eyes and ears on projects.

Why Construction Management Firms Need E&O Insurance

For example, Construction Management firms may hire the architect, engineer and other sub-consultants to work on their behalf to deliver the design for a project. In this role, the firm can be held liable if an individual doesn’t perform with the appropriate standard care. While general contractors are not actively designing the project, they are vicariously liable for the actions of sub-consultants.

Huntersure has a professional liability program specifically designed for Construction Management firms. We provide coverage for third-party claims arising out of negligent acts, errors or omissions in the performance of professional services. When working with our staff, your agency will benefit from the expertise needed to secure the appropriate policy coverage depending on the types of contracts and activities in which the insured is involved. You will also benefit from our responsive service, quick quote and submission turnaround, and claims management.

Program features

  • Policy Limits Up to $2M for Primary Coverage and $3M for Excess Coverage
  • Minimum Premium of $5,000 for a $1M limit
  • $5,000 Minimum Retention
  • Contingent BI/PD Coverage
  • Project Specific Coverage
  • Tailored Description of Services for Each Unique Risk
  • Optional Bilateral Extended Reporting Period for Up to 1 Year
  • User-friendly Claims-Made Application Form
  • Available for Accounts Domiciled in the U.S. and Canada
  • Worldwide Coverage

Additional Information

  • Agency Construction Management
  • Design Build
  • Cost Estimating
  • At Risk Construction Management
  • Contractors
  • Scheduling
  • Construction Consultant


Huntersure: Rely On Us to Expand Your Footprint in E&O insurance.

We make doing business with us easy with our breadth and depth of knowledge of E&O insurance, our proprietary underwriting system that allows for responsive quoting, binding and policy issuance and tailored products to meet the needs of your insureds. To find out more about our products for Technical Consultants, contact us at 516-907-2637.