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Preventing Pay Discrimination: Written Policies

Posted on: July 21, 2017 by Huntersure LLC.

Establishing Pay Equity > Having a Written Policy

In this series of posts, we have explored the issue of pay discrimination that so many businesses are facing. In a litigious landscape, businesses of all types have to be extra cautious about implementing proper pay practices, ensuring equality for men and women. We’ve already covered understanding pay equity laws, and how to make objective decisions that will protect the businesses’ bottom line and keep them out of legal trouble. Now, it’s time to explore the benefits of written anti-discrimination policies and how to implement one. Share this information with your clients and protect their business with a comprehensive Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance program, especially as they navigate this new challenge.

Benefits of a written policy.

Put simply, the benefits of a written policy include:

  • Equal, fair and consistent treatment of all employees.
  • Establishes a standard of conduct.
  • Creates a known procedure to file and manage complaints.
  • Defense from potential lawsuits.
  • Provides proof of “good-faith effort” to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

What should the anti-discrimination policy include?

The exact language of the policy is important and should be thoughtfully considered to be tailored to their specific risks. However, the elements of a successful anti-discrimination policy include:

  • Show that the business is committed to preventing discrimination of any type – A primary policy goal is to inform employees of the company’s sincere intent to keep inappropriate behavior from occurring in the first place. So, start your policy with a firm, clear statement (sometimes referred to as a “zero-tolerance policy”) that the company doesn’t discriminate and will not tolerate any harassment or discrimination, explains Nolo.
  • State who the policy covers – Discrimination by race, religion, gender, wage, and other factors should be listed as prohibited. Be sure to get detailed about who and what the policy applies to. Experts recommend also including a statement that incorporates local and federal laws as they apply to businesses in case new protected groups are added after the policy has been created.
  • Create a code of conduct – Set the expectations for employees to abide by so there’s no confusion.
  • List employment decisions that cannot be determined by protected status – For example, your policy should state that discrimination is not allowed in hiring, firing, discipline, promotions, leave, transfers, or any other aspect of employment.
  • Spell out consequences for failing to comply and failing to uphold company standards.

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