What Does a Product Design Firm Do?

Posted on: December 16, 2021 by Huntersure

You cannot exist in the modern world without interacting with countless products that have been conceptualized, designed, and sold. Indeed, nearly every aspect of the material environment consists of products that have been made by a product design firm. Even though we are familiar with the end results of this process, though, it’s often unclear what the role of a product design firm is. This role varies depending the nature of a project and the needs of a client, but generally speaking, a design firm has several key responsibilities. Read on for more information about these responsibilities and how they impact the products we use everyday.


One of the first responsibilities of a product design firm is conducting in-depth research regarding the viability of a potential product. This typically occurs after receiving a product proposition from a company that details the goal, idea, and potential design of a product they wish to sell. A product design firm might start by doing market research. This helps to establish an idea of who will buy the product, how it will be marketed, and what kind of product will be the most viable.


Once a product design firm has completed its preliminary marketing, it may then move on to brainstorming. This part of the process entails the development of specific product ideas, narrowing down a unique concept, and drafting potential prototypes. Teams will often work in collaboration to brainstorm an idea and finalize a drafted prototype before beginning production. This is the part of the process where any product design liability issues should be discussed and eliminated. Typically, a product safety specialist will be responsible for this portion of the design process.


With a finalized design draft ready to go, a product design firm will usually proceed to create a prototype for the product. A prototype is a rough draft of sorts that will allow the designers to test hypotheses about the product, determine ways to improve it, and identify any safety issues that may have previously gone unnoticed. Prototyping is also a way for designers to compare and contrast multiple ideas and decide which is best suited to the goals of the project.


Perhaps the most important part of product prototyping is testing its viability. This includes testing for potential safety problems that may arise in unique circumstances and seeking feedback from users, too. Some of the most valuable data comes from prototype testers who can offer insight into the usability, safety, and marketability of a product. These users can help eliminate risks associated with use and ensure that the final product is suited to the target demographic. Testing can also spark new ideas for the improvement of the product.

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