The Unique Liabilities and Risk Exposures of Social Workers

Posted on: October 17, 2019 by Huntersure LLC.

Every day, social workers make it their mission to serve the public and better society around them, but like every job, there comes the potential for mistakes to occur. Even the most skilled and principled social workers can make unintended mistakes, leading to harm towards others, be it physical or emotional, which can turn into legal claims and the need for social work liability insurance.

While more errors don’t lead to serious criminal issues, they can, however, damage someone’s career and reputation. With this in mind, it’s important to look at some of the unique risk exposures that social workers face every day and how to protect against them.


One of the most relevant risks that social workers face is being hit with a negligence claim. A client may or may not be justified in filing a claim of negligence, but even if the social worker in question isn’t found guilty, two things are certain: their career might take a reputational hit and they need to tap into their social work liability insurance program.

What social work liability insurance does is help to provide the funds needed to have the proper legal defense on their side during the litigation process. This coverage can also help to cover damages or settlements after claims have been made.

Sexual Misconduct

Unfortunately, like any profession in any industry, there are those who take advantage of others they work with or service by engaging in sexual misconduct. But in some cases, a social worker may in fact not be guilty of such a claim. Even still, having social work liability insurance on hand will help to cover a professional in this process. Unfortunate as it may be to go through a sexual misconduct claim, clearing their name and having insurance to guard against it will help.


While not as common as negligence or sexual misconduct, slander is still something that needs to be protected against in the social worker field. If a social worker has a rough meeting with a client and words are exchanged and then misconstrued by that client or a third-party, a slander claim may be pursued.

Again, while this type of claim isn’t as serious or as relevant in the social worker field, it’s still important to protect against since working with people, in general, can pose unique risks.

It’s important for those in the social work field to guard their career, reputation, and assets through a comprehensive social worker liability insurance program. While going through a claim may be emotionally, mentally, and even physically draining, taking the right steps to clear their name and be financially protected will help to take some stress away.

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