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Soft Skills Essential to Architects

Posted on: January 14, 2021 by Huntersure LLC.

Deciding to become an architect is an exciting career choice. It pays well, has a challenging yet thrilling future in answering the call of climate change, and allows professionals to make a lasting contribution to society through design. But not everybody has what it takes to be successful at this complex and technical career. Indeed, it takes more than just design skills and a decent understanding of math to become a successful architect.

There are several soft skills that potential architecture professionals need to advance their careers and settle into their industry roles.

Soft skills are necessary professional skills that can transfer to other professions and help someone in the architecture field succeed in their careers.

Numerical Skills

The entire concept of architecture comes from the rules and boundaries of mathematics. Future architects need to have a solid understanding of math and a firm grasp of numerical principles, especially within geometry and algebra. There are local courses that professionals can take or online options to refresh their memory to be better positioned to meet the job’s mathematical demands. After all, it’s essential to know about slope, angles, and pitch. One wrong calculation can throw an entire project off.

Communication Skills

Architects are not the only people responsible for the construction of a new building. Besides the client, there is a full slate of lawyers, construction managers, contractors, surveyors, tradespeople, and engineers that will need to liaise with architects about their unique concerns and interests. With that in mind, architects need to know how to communicate with them effectively and professionally. This helps encourage an open and honest discussion at any given time, providing the most updated information. It also enhances the potential for a successful project.

Legal Understanding

While architects don’t have to be legal whizzes, it helps to have a working knowledge of the laws and regulations to abide by in the field. Besides the client’s budget, the most significant restrictions on designing a project are the multitude of building codes, policies, and regulations that architects need to adhere to. Although architects will work with legal experts in the field, knowing what is considered unlawful helps to stay within limits and prevent legal complications.

Architects can benefit from an architect’s professional liability policy that provides them financial help in legal proceedings. Any claim has the potential to be costly, even if it turns out to be unfounded. From paying for attorneys to potentially losing future work due to a tarnished reputation, not having architect professional liability can be detrimental to an architect’s career.

Leadership Skills

There is no central contact of the construction process as many different people are involved. But since architects oversee the project’s design, they will need to explain, delegate, and dictate certain parts to various contractors and other architects and designers. This requires essential management and leadership skills that will develop with experience. From overseeing financials to having a grasp on a project’s pace, knowing how to manage the entire process while being an accountable resource can help keep people informed.

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