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Preventing Attorney Professional Liability Claims: Effective Client Communication

Posted on: May 8, 2018 by Huntersure LLC.

Unfortunately for those in the legal field, malpractice claims can become more common if communication is not effective. When a client expects one result, but gets another then they are inclined to sue or bring up attorney malpractice allegations.

Legal firms and individual lawyers can take measures to prevent this kind of controversy by being proactive rather than reactive. One step is to invest in attorney liability insurance, a kind of coverage that guards against malpractice. It’s highly recommended that law firms invest in this kind of protection, which guards against losing assets and getting slapped with a lawsuit.

Another step is to keep communication open and on the level with clients. Here are a few ways law firms can go about this and become better communicators.

Keep an Open Line

It’s important for law firms and individuals working within to be effective communicators. Clients, while expecting upfront communications, may not in fact be upfront or reachable. Assumptions should never be made about the client and what they’re expecting or requesting. It’s imperative to get in touch with them even if they are hard to get a hold of. Having continuous communication as a foundation helps prevent misunderstandings.

Letter Process

A client engagement/disengagement letter is a necessity for law firms when it comes to communication. These are staples in any office and need to be precise in what they’re stating including deadlines, costs, and overall expectations. Firms should discuss the engagement letter legal services with the client(s) so they understand everything before signing anything. This keep honesty and transparency at the forefront.

When it’s time to bring a service to a close, then it’s time for a disengagement letter, which outlines the end of the attorney/client relationship.

Keep Information Open

Instead of trying to gloss over or simply hide a mistake, like missing a deadline, or miscalculating a fee, it’s important for a firm or lawyers to own up to it. Explaining the problem and effectively communicating what happened is a preventative measure that puts everything out in the open for the client to understand. While damage will still be done, it’s better to take care of it right away than to try to pull something over a client.

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