Preparing for Fall Weather: Construction Worker Safety Tips

Posted on: October 13, 2022 by Huntersure

When beginning a project, a construction worker must consider various factors, significantly when seasons change. As fall is here, it’s time to consider safety education for your construction clients and review their construction management liability coverage. It’s easy to overlook the most common safety concerns as the season changes, but proper preparation can ensure everyone’s safety. 

Safety for the Construction Worker

As you discuss the approaching fall weather and the liability risks, offer suggestions to mitigate those risks.

Address Falling Leaves

A construction worker has to watch out for falling leaves. Moreover, working under a tree can hinder them in high-ground settings, especially on house roofs. 

Dry, falling leaves can be a hazard to construction equipment and the crew. Encourage clients to cover equipment to keep falling leaves out of the engine compartment and air intake. Recommend clearing the immediate work area with a leaf blower to avoid slip and fall injuries on wet leaves.

Avoid Problems in Construction Management From Shorter Days

As fall approaches, the days get shorter. The hours of sunlight gradually reduce and shorten the available working hours. Especially when you have clients reasonably new to the construction industry, you should recommend attentiveness to that schedule change. Encourage a focus on restful, attentive work even on a shortened schedule instead of trying to rush a summer day’s workload in the fall. It reduces the risk of injuries and liability hazards.

Prepare for Weather Fluctuations

Construction management liability insurance will protect you from weather-related liability incidents, but it is best to avoid them. Fall weather is unpredictable and can bring safety concerns. Encourage construction clients to maintain a heated shelter to protect workers from cold temperatures, but ensure that everyone follows safety regulations to reduce the risk of loss.  

Advise your clients to cover work in progress immediately if rain and wind interrupt the process. Watch for frost advisories. Then, ensure that equipment and materials have the right insurance coverage to protect them from damage.

Explain the Difference Between General Liability and Builders Risk

As you review the insurance coverage options for your construction clients this fall, remind them of the differences between builder’s risk and general liability so that they understand why both have value. A builders risk policy protects against losses to the building, materials, supplies, and equipment due to fire, storms, or theft. It doesn’t protect against any liability for injuries or accidents. That’s why liability coverage and builder’s risk are equally essential for insurance protection for your construction clients.

Providing the best possible service and coverage for your clients is essential. Since industries like construction are so heavily affected by changing seasons, it’s important to review insurance coverage when that happens. Creating comprehensive coverage with construction management liability and builder’s risk coverage is a great place to start. Recommend additional general liability limits if necessary to ensure sufficient coverage for high-risk operations.

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