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How Nursing Clients Can Avoid Nursing Board Disputes

Posted on: May 22, 2018 by Huntersure LLC.

Some in the nursing field may not consider the severity of a claim made against them. A misconception is that the healthcare professionals who should be more aware of complaints are surgeons and family doctors. In fact, nurses are just as vulnerable to receiving complaints and in turn have to face a review by a nursing board, possibly ruining their reputation and their career.

It’s important to be prepared for somethings as controversial and inconvenient as a nursing board review. Handle it well and it could be a valuable experience where you can learn something. Handle it poorly and it could cost you your license.

Have Liability Insurance Lined Up

This is a preventative measure that should be taken before anything ever comes up. While it’s possible to never face a claim throughout a long career in nursing, it only helps to have nursing liability insurance in order.

Nurses assume liability coverage only covers major suits as in malpractice. In reality, nurses are are more likely to face a licensure issue and nursing liability insurance will cover it. In the event a claim is made an insurance professional can help source an attorney and cover the costs.

Act Preemptively

Don’t wait for the nursing board to come to you with news of a claim made against you. When you go to your employer voluntarily this shows humbleness and responsibility, which can go a long way when facing possible revoking of your license. Employers will find out eventually, no matter what. So, it’s best to have them find out straight from the source instead of lying in wait.

Improve Your Nursing Practice

Whatever the nature of a complaint, steps can be taken immediately to learn and grow. There are a number of ways to turn complaints into opportunities to get better and learn from mistakes. This could be the opportunity to continue nursing education or be more meticulous in documentation.

By taking realistic steps to improve daily practices, a nursing professional who is undergoing a board review is already showing he or she is being accountable. By improving your practice by your own will, the Board will see this as an understanding and ownership of whatever issue is at hand and a willingness to rectify it. The Nursing Board governs with a fair, but very serious scale, and will make clear the ramifications and weight of an issue.

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