How Lawyers Can Assist People After a Hurricane

Posted on: November 3, 2022 by Huntersure LLC.

Lawyers can assist people after a hurricane through a variety of steps to help victims get back on their feet. Hurricanes are one of the most devastating weather events that can occur. In addition to the violent winds and flooding, hurricanes can cause earthquakes and trigger a cascade of other natural disasters.

Lawyers Helping After a Hurricane

When a hurricane hits a residential area, the impact on families and homes is terrible. In the midst of this destruction, many victims often must seek help from friends and neighbors. They may also seek counsel from an attorney. There’s a lot that a lawyer can do to assist hurricane victims.

Documenting Damage

One of the essential steps to take in a hurricane’s aftermath is documenting the damage’s extent. Photos, videos, and written descriptions of the damage will be necessary to file insurance claims and get estimates for repairing and rebuilding any damaged structures. However, the hurricane might damage some cameras that could have documented this. An attorney can help hurricane victims document damage by lending cameras and other equipment to take photos of homes that have been affected.

Seeking Legal Advice

Lawyers can also help by doing what lawyers do best — offering legal advice. Many people may want to know if they are liable for repairing the damage to their homes. Likewise, they may wonder if they have any legal recourse to seek damages from a negligent party as victims of Hurricane Katrina did when they sued FEMA. Any attorney offering legal advice should ensure they have insurance coverage for attorneys before providing services to clients — including pro-bono clients.

Understanding Insurance

In addition to questions about liability, hurricane survivors will likely have questions about what their insurance policies will or won’t cover. Unfortunately, insurers don’t always follow through on the coverage that beneficiaries should receive. It is likely due to a massive influx of claims, as there may be after a hurricane. In these cases, insureds might seek representation from a lawyer to litigate against their own insurer. Any attorney representing a client in a case like this must obtain lawyers professional liability insurance. Attorneys should consider different types of professional liability coverage before selecting a policy.

Securing Compensation

After a hurricane, survivors will likely have to think about how to go about regaining normalcy. Additionally, they will attempt to recover their lives in the aftermath. The ability to do this largely depends on whether they can fund repairs for their home and cover the other expenses incurred from the hurricane. Most families won’t have the cash reserves to achieve this and will rely on an insurance payout or another source of compensation to cover the costs. A lawyer can help victims fight for the compensation they are entitled to after a hurricane.

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