How Natural Disasters Can Affect the Construction Industry

Posted on: November 10, 2022 by Huntersure LLC.

Natural disasters can produce a significant impact on the construction industry, causing delays and disarray. After a natural disaster, businesses in the construction industry may have to contend with severe hardships. Their existing and potential clients need their help more than ever, but their work could be better. Major setbacks on projects already underway and hastily coordinated projects to repair damage can increase contracting companies’ overhead costs. These occurrences also raise risk exposure dramatically.

The Impact of Natural Disasters on the Construction Industry

Here are some key issues involving the effect of natural disasters on construction.

Professional Liability for Contractors Can Facilitate Emergency Responses 

When an area has sustained a significant disaster, the demand for contractors’ services will skyrocket. People are desperate to get help to rebuild their homes. Until homeowners can coordinate repairs for damage to a roofing system or other structural elements, their properties are highly vulnerable to further damage. 

A sudden abundance of available work presents a meaningful opportunity for contracting companies, but they need help to ramp up their operations with their existing resources. They might need to pursue additional lines of credit, hire more workers, and increase insurance coverage limits. Having adequate cash on hand and carrying professional liability for contractors equips businesses to take on big projects confidently. 

Supply Chain Problems Can Disrupt Work

In the aftermath of a heavy storm or flood, transportation and shipping routes may move at a crawl. Supply chain delays impede the delivery of essential equipment and materials. Being able to carry out work according to plan could present logistical and financial hardships.

Companies Struggle With Labor Shortages

Extensive damage to a community creates thousands or even tens of thousands of job openings. Both skilled contractors and laborers can choose where to work for, as well as who they work for. To staff their projects, construction management professionals must be aggressive and competitive about recruitment.

Cost Increases Are Foreseeable 

Supply and labor shortages may lead to higher project costs in a disaster area. When insufficient supplies or workers go around, companies have to be the highest bidder to access the needed resources.

Client Relationships May Suffer

Even when contracting companies are not at fault for an unexpected expense or setback, their clients could hold it against them or suspect that they are taking advantage of a disaster situation to inflate invoices. This tension is straining on client relationships and may fuel disputes about change orders or payment requisitions.

Insurance for Professional Liability for Contractors Can Offer Vital Protection

After a significant weather event, insurance agents will likely receive many questions about their clients’ current coverages. It is an excellent time to reach out to clients to review general liability vs. professional liability policy inclusions and project-specific insurance needs. 

A surge in claims and losses puts carriers in the position of raising premiums. Agents have to be ready to give their clients personalized support and guidance. 

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