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What CPAs Should Do Now to Prepare for Tax Season

Posted on: January 3, 2019 by Huntersure LLC.

For many people, January is an exciting time of year because it represents a fresh start and some new direction. But for CPAs, it represents the oncoming avalanche of work heading their way. Months of looming deadlines and mountains of files, both physical and digital, are already ready to come pouring in, offering busy schedules and long days.

Additionally, taxpayers and tax preparers are trying to understand the best way to maneuver through the recent government shutdown in terms of how it will affect tax season 2019. With this in mind, plus the added pressure behind getting clients’ taxes done in full and on-time, CPAs can get a leg up by prepping as much as they can. Here are some ways in which CPAs can get ready for a busy tax season.

Get Insured

While CPAs may have numbers and data on their minds, it would behoove them to invest in or make sure their CPA liability insurance plan is up to date. A CPA liability insurance program can help to protect an accountant in the wake of a legal dispute possibly stemming from a mix-up in one of their client’s returns. While CPA’s strive to do their job perfectly every time, there is always room for error. If this happens, even the slightest mistake can be taken as a huge error for their client. Protecting against this with a solid CPA liability insurance plan will add the security a tax professional needs to operate without added stress.

Get in Touch with Clients

After insurance is set and before projects begin, it’s best to look over and prioritize the clients. Accountants should touch base with clients they plan on retaining and learn about any possible new developments that may affect their taxes. This will help to paint a picture of what a CPA can expect in terms of avoiding surprises and tricky scenarios. Learning about any changes that might have occurred during the year can help a CPA plan better.

Review Tax Regulations and Update Software

CPA’s need to make sure they and their team members are aware of new tax regulations and audit or accounting issues that may affect 2019 returns. When it comes to processing their work, it helps to have the latest software and technology to ensure a smooth tax season. From software updates to new scanners, a CPA’s workspace needs to be completely updated in every way to ensure a better work process all around.

Purge Old Files

Tax season is all about keeping files in order. When a CPA is keeping meticulous notes and records around, it may be natural to hold on to literally everything, just in case. But it helps to clear up the clutter so there’s less to work around. This is the perfect time, right before more files come in, to do some organizing. Sort through the various documents around to see if any can be deleted and free up some much-needed space. While it may make sense to hold on to old data, it can actually be hindering organization and performance.


The holidays are ending, the new year is beginning, and tax season is weeks away from jumping off. It’s important for CPA’s to take a moment to make sure they have the energy to get things done and done correctly. Accountants should take advantage of even the smallest bit of rest they can get. Going into a busy season fully rested and prepared will make a big difference when it comes to stress levels and focus.

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