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Essentials to a Nonprofit Branding Strategy

Posted on: March 13, 2017 by Huntersure LLC.

In our last post, we discussed some of the essential components to a nonprofit volunteer handbook. As volunteers are the backbone of the organization, educating and protecting them should be a top priority. This time, we will examine how to create an effective nonprofit branding strategy. As donors are the other key ingredient in a social service’s success, drawing the right audience and reminding potential donors what cause they’re contributing to is a must. Even more important than sharing this information with your clients is ensuring they are backed by a comprehensive Social Services Insurance policy.

Impact claim.

First and foremost, your client’s organization should put its mission at the forefront of their branding strategy. Ensure the claim is simply put, relevant to the demographic they are serving and targeting, and is a widely accepted issue that needs resolve.


Not having a website is essentially planning to fail. In today’s digital landscape, the organization’s website will host the most traffic and serve as a point of contact for all interested parties. Nonprofit Quarterly explains that not only is it often a nonprofit’s first point of contact with its stakeholders, the website is also where the organization controls how its story is told; since almost no one challenges the content of organizational web pages, it is the place where a nonprofit can describe its work however it sees fit and however it believes will register best with visitors.

Leadership and partnership.

Not only should every organization have a positive leader who guides it in the right direction, but they should also establish relevant partnerships with pillars of the community. Research organizations with similar missions and work together to build awareness and interest in the issue.


Big budgets are respected in the nonprofit sector as they represent a means to accomplish goals. With that in mind, nonprofits should hone in on all potential resources to boost their spending budget.

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