Engineers Creating Methods to Recycle Water Used in Fracking

Posted on: July 14, 2022 by Huntersure

Engineers are creating methods to recycle water used in fracking to lessen the impact of fracking on the environment. Wastewater generated during the fracking process is a severe concern for the environment. Fortunately, new ways to lower the impact by recycling the water are in progress. The current practice places the used water in disposal wells. Some get transported to other areas, adding to the cost and toll on the environment. Engineers have now found a viable way to clean the water, making it reusable instead of wasted.

Methods to Recycle Water Used in Fracking 

The essential nature of this process makes it critical for your clients to have professional liability insurance for engineers. A complete policy protects against financial losses that could interfere with this vital work.

How to Recycle Water Used in Fracking

Fracking requires the use of water forced into rock, causing fractures that release the stored deposits of oil and gas necessary for energy production. A new technology called membrane distillation filters the used water to remove contaminates. The gas and oil industries use the newly cleaned water in other work areas. It is safe for agricultural use as well.

The solution found by engineers uses waste heat to keep costs down. However, the surfactants added into wells posed a problem and ultimately led to lower quality recycled water. Engineers are working on a fix that eliminates surfactants before the membrane distillation process begins. Likewise, it will help everyone in the long-term. 

Engineers’ Role in Water Recycling

Engineers are crucial to discovering cost-effective methods to cut down on waste products and feasible solutions to reuse wastewater, a side effect of fracking. It takes vast knowledge, expertise, and commitment to success to find valuable ways to solve these problems that are both affordable and accessible for drilling companies to use.

The excess amount of waste products produced in the past was in part blamed on the lack of low-cost recycling methods. Previous affordable practices disposed of the water permanently, effectively eliminating a valuable natural resource. Including trained engineering professionals allows for more sustainable treatment options that are financially sound and better for the environment. While these solutions begin in the lab, they make it into the field once perfected.

Professional Liability Insurance for Engineers

The very nature of discovering new solutions for complex problems involves trial and error. Your clients must maintain the right insurance coverage. Accidents happen, and the right policy provides financial compensation for injuries and damages that may otherwise bring work to a halt.

Successful companies understand the importance of planning and taking preventative measures. Insurance is one of these. Fracking comes with certain risks, as does the implementation of new technologies. Keeping an active policy provides the security necessary for engineers to focus on the job at hand so they can continue to find practical solutions to real problems.

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