Engineering Consultants and Their Legal Needs

Posted on: May 28, 2024 by Huntersure

Engineering consultants operate in an environment where precision and accuracy are paramount. Considering a contractors professional liability insurance application is a good idea for these professionals, designed to protect against potential legal actions and financial liabilities arising from their professional activities. Why Should Engineers Consider a Contractors Professional Liability Insurance Application? Engineering consultants face certain […] Read More

Key Considerations When Insuring Architects, Engineers & Design Firms with Professional Liability Coverage

Posted on: August 10, 2023 by Huntersure

Insurance agents should understand the unique risk factors associated with professional roles such as architecture, engineering, and design. Clients in these industries need professional liability policies tailored to their specific risk factors. Architects, engineers, and design firms work in specialized fields that depend on precision and accuracy, with devastating consequences for mistakes. The right coverage […] Read More

What Engineers Should Know Before Starting a Business

Posted on: September 22, 2022 by Huntersure

There are certain things engineers should know before starting a business to avoid issues that could arise later. Likewise, it could help them as they venture out on their own. Starting a business is an opportunity for them to gain creative freedom to pursue their passion in a way that makes them happiest. Owning a […] Read More