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A Closer Look at Various Types of Consultants

Posted on: June 25, 2020 by Huntersure LLC.

The consultancy industry is one of the most diverse and wide-ranging job markets for professionals from many different backgrounds. Being a consultant means that you’re providing a service within an industry, but as an individual. From HR to IT, graphic design to being an Architect, consultants act as their own boss.

One downside of being a consultant is that their services are dependent upon the budgets of their clients. If a client or potential client doesn’t have it in their financial outlook to hire an outside professional for consultancy, then the professional doesn’t have a project to work off of. Take the recent COVID-19 pandemic, for example. The virus caused major panic in the global economy, including the professional landscape in the United States. And with a growing industry at stake (i.e. $160 billion industry), the first people to go were consultants and freelancers who saw opportunities close shut the moment the economy started to tank.

Types of Professional Consultants

But the industry had shown so much growth by this past spring that the future still looks bright. While the economy continues to rise back to a healthy level, close to pre-COVID-19 levels, consultants are gearing up for more potential work in the near future. Whether contracted through a consultant firm or opting to look for work as a professional consultant, it’s important to know what kinds of consultants are in the highest demand.

Strategy Consultant

This kind of consultant operates at the highest level of the consultancy market, with focus on topics like organizational strategy, corporate strategy, and economic policy. Strategy consultants usually carry out work assigned by top managers, such as CEOs, directors and senior managers. Strategy consultants generally have a different consultancy profile than their professional peers as they focus more on analytical skills.

Management Consultant

Another popular consultant, management consultants, focus on all sorts of business and organizational concerns. Management consultancy is a collective term used for all services that come under the Strategy Consulting and HR consulting umbrellas. These professionals have a wide range of services and options for work.

HR Consultant

HR consultants help their clients with human resource questions and issues. Major topics in this professional group are organizational changes and helping companies improve their HR performance, such as talent management. HR consultants are also brought in by organizations to help transform the culture of a business and help with organizational design.

Operations Consultant

These professionals help clients improve the performance of their overall operations. Consultancy activities in this segment vary from advisory services to more hands-on implementation support for functions like sales, marketing, and production, and secondary functions like finance, supply chain, and HR. Operations consultants form a large segment within the advisory branch.

IT Consultant

IT consultants focus on helping clients with the development and implementation of information technology within a company. IT consultants focus on projects in the ICT landscape instead of everyday IT professionals who handle day-to-day tasks. The majority of these consultants work on application projects where their role may vary from project management to system integration.

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