What Attorneys Can Do to Avoid Malpractice Claims

Posted on: March 21, 2019 by Huntersure LLC.

All attorneys know that practicing law in any capacity can put them in harm’s way when it comes to malpractice issues. Even the most seasoned legal professionals can make mistakes that lead to their own litigation. There are many different pitfalls and mistakes that can land an attorney in their own hot water and most can be avoided with simple preventative measures.

The consequences can be serious, even for seemingly small mistakes. From missed deadlines to overlooked mail to the loss of confidential information of a client, lawyers need to be on the ball with every task to make sure they keep a clean record. Even off-the-cuff legal advice from lawyers can put lawyers in legal trouble. Below are some easy-to-use risk prevention methods that can help attorneys stay away from simple but costly mistakes.

Legal Malpractice Insurance

Attorneys have a lot on their plates with any task, any case. But before they dive into more work there needs to be a dependable level of insurance in their corner to protect against their own legal troubles. As mentioned, it’s possible that even a simple clerical error can lead a lawyer to their own professional and legal jeopardy, but having the right legal malpractice insurance will provide the protection they need.

Legal malpractice insurance is a full-scale level of protection that will keep legal professionals financially protected in the event of an accusation. Any lawyer knows that going through a malpractice case can sink someone financially and even lead to them being removed from a practice. Having the right insurance protection will help to alleviate concerns over lack of resources and trying to find their own counsel.

Docketing Systems

Deadlines are crucial to any legal case being handled. Miss one deadline for filing a motion or paperwork and it could end a case dead in its tracks. To avoid overlooking an important deadline in the workings of a case, attorneys can install and re-evaluate their calendar to help their own scheduling. If a docket control system is not helping an attorney keep track and manage their deadlines, there can possibly be a better system available. It’s critical that attorneys use a docketing system to keep track of documents and deadlines and avoid costly legal troubles.


Modern technology is helping practically every industry streamline their processes and boost efficiency. It can also lead to an open door of cybersecurity issues among attorneys’ law offices that can put client information at risk. Attorneys have a duty to their clients to keep their information safe and sound, and with information being stored digitally now, it’s even more imperative.

Lawyers should have the latest cybersecurity networks in place to protect not only their clients’ information but their own data and sensitive materials. And with a push to be more mobile, devices such as tablets and cell phones need to be included in cybersecurity plans.

Engagement Letters

The use of engagement letters can help reduce malpractice claims and are helpful for a number of reasons, including avoiding any misunderstandings regarding the identity of the client, the scope of representation and the fees to be charged for the firm’s services. The use of a general engagement letter can point out that a lawyer agreed to counsel the client on any and all permissible issues faced by the client. With the right amount of focus on administrative issues, such as an engagement letter, many attorneys can avoid legal malpractice cases of their own and keep their reputation and practice safe.

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