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Traits of Successful Insurance Agents

Posted on: January 8, 2018 by Huntersure LLC.

As 2018 progresses, you might be evaluating ways to boost your business. Professional Liability Insurance is a huge niche market, as it’s relevant to every industry. However, company-wide and personal competition exist to keep you striving for more. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into the successful habits and traits that insurance agents in any sector possess. Read on to discover the habits you can adopt for 2018 and beyond.

Staying hungry.

Motivation to grow and place business is the first trait of any successful insurance agent. Rather than do things how they’ve historically been done, successful agents embrace change, advancements, and resources that become available to them to provide even better service.

Constant availability.

Highly effective insurance agents make themselves available, not when it is most convenient for themselves, but rather those they would meet with. Being available takes many different shapes. It could mean hiring a call center for after hours or allowing for text message communication. Being available could mean chatting with prospects and clients via Facebook Messenger or Snapchat or Twitter. Maybe being available is as simple as getting rid of your phone tree and having a human being pick up every phone call. What being available looks like is going to be different for every agency, says Agency Nation.

They care about quality, not just a sale.

Salespeople have to establish rapport and trust with their clients to close the deal. This means that they should focus on quality service rather than just the numbers at the end of the day. Even with relentless pressure from your agency, you’re creating a professional relationship with your clients, one that will result in placing business each year. Work to understand your client’s needs. In turn, you and your agency will boast better reputations, which will give you both an edge over the competition.

Measure success.

The numbers don’t lie- whether they’re good or bad. This means that evaluating your sales and the lead ratio can provide insight into what you are doing great and what you can work on.

Highly effective insurance agents measure everything, not just the value of the closed business at the end of the month. Quantifying and evaluating every sales activity with every customer will help uncover the truth and point the way to more success in a way that simply counting the money can never do, explains the article.

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