Technologies Revolutionizing Home Healthcare

Technologies Revolutionizing Home Healthcare

Posted on: September 23, 2015 by Huntersure LLC.

As home healthcare is modernized, numerous technology based programs are reshaping the way in which they operate. During a time of technological transition, Home Healthcare Professional Liability insurance can help to curb potential financial loss and litigation.

Sensors- According to Information Week, advanced remote patient monitoring sales accounted for $29.7 billion worldwide in 2014 alone. These sensors can be used to assist in the safety and care of patients and alert caregivers when a meal was missed, if the patient falls, etc. For example, Alzheimer’s patients can use these sensors to monitor their movement in order to ensure no one is lost, wandering, or leaves the house unattended.

GPS- These tracking devices can be used to locate patients when outside of the home in the event of an emergency. Some technologies, such as Philips Lifeline GoSafe, even track when users fall and automatically contacts authorities and staff for help.

Mobile Apps- These applications can be used to remind seniors to take their medications, attend appointments, and alert them of other obligations. Further, some contain panic buttons to alert caretakers if something goes wrong.

Remote Monitoring Tools- Tools that measure glucose, heat rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs are a cost effective way to minimize doctor visits and maintain good health.

Robotic Cleaning Assistants- These robotic cleaners can help seniors, along with nursing home personnel, to maintain a clean living environment. Some of these include The Roomba for vacuuming; the Scooba for floor scrubbing; the Braava for mopping; and the Mirra and Looj for outdoor maintenance, as reported by Information Week. The access to these devices can help save time and promote efficiency in cleaning.

At Huntersure, we understand the modernization of home healthcare and how it relates to additional risk exposures.  Leveraging technology to accommodate residents is essential to function and safety of home healthcare, and our coverage options seek to respond to each risk exposure associated with these advancements. For more information, contact our knowledgeable specialists today at (855) 585-6255.

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