Common Claims in Professional Liability for Testing & Inspection Services

Posted on: September 21, 2023 by Huntersure

When it comes to testing and inspection services, performance must be precise and accurate. Even the most diligent professionals can face unforeseen challenges in this industry, including misinterpreted test results and missed deadlines. Professional liability insurance, also called errors & omissions insurance, provides valuable protection for these potential complications. Understanding how it applies to testing […] Read More

Contractual Obligations and Errors & Omissions Insurance for Multimedia Professionals

Posted on: September 14, 2023 by Huntersure

Multimedia professionals craft the captivating content that surrounds us in this digital age. These professionals include filmmakers, graphic designers, marketing experts, and web developers, among many other talented individuals. Behind the creativity of every project is a contractual obligation to produce content that meets requirements and satisfies clients without legal ramifications. These professionals need errors […] Read More

The Importance of Professional Liability Insurance for Large Accounting Firms

Posted on: September 7, 2023 by Huntersure

Large accounting firms provide a range of financial services to various clients. These complex operations handle vast amounts of sensitive data, make critical financial decisions, and often have a global reach. The scale and scope of these firms expose them to unique liability risks. Mitigating these risks requires comprehensive insurance protection, including professional liability insurance. Understanding […] Read More

Evaluating Errors & Omissions Insurance Providers for Multimedia Professionals: Key Factors for Insurance Agents

Posted on: August 24, 2023 by Huntersure

Insurance agents serving multimedia professionals play an important role in protecting those clients’ businesses from potential risks and liabilities. Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is essential for creative individuals to safeguard them from claims that may arise due to errors, omissions, or negligence in carrying out their professional duties. Unfortunately, not all E&O insurance policies […] Read More

Key Considerations When Insuring Architects, Engineers & Design Firms with Professional Liability Coverage

Posted on: August 10, 2023 by Huntersure

Insurance agents should understand the unique risk factors associated with professional roles such as architecture, engineering, and design. Clients in these industries need professional liability policies tailored to their specific risk factors. Architects, engineers, and design firms work in specialized fields that depend on precision and accuracy, with devastating consequences for mistakes. The right coverage […] Read More

Understanding Professional Liability Insurance for Architects, Engineers & Design Firms

Posted on: August 3, 2023 by Huntersure

Insurance agents are responsible for understanding the nuances of the policies they offer to craft proper coverage solutions for clients. When it comes to professional liability insurance tailored for architects, engineers, and design firms, this represents a specialized realm with which some agents might not be fully familiar. This coverage is vital for these professionals […] Read More

The Role of Certifications and Qualifications in Professional Liability Coverage for Testing & Inspection Services

Posted on: July 27, 2023 by Huntersure

Businesses focused on inspections and testing work in a unique field often filled with regulations. No matter how hard a company tries to follow the rules and deliver services that clients can trust, the unexpected happens. Ultimately, your clients in this industry will need good insurance coverage. Your job as an insurance agent is to […] Read More

Common Errors and Omissions in Construction: How E&O Insurance Can Provide Protection

Posted on: July 20, 2023 by Huntersure

Construction professionals face extensive risk exposure in their industry. Any clients you have in the construction industry should carry errors & omissions coverage in addition to their general liability policies. This additional coverage provides protection for mistakes in their work, conflict with their clients, and potentially costly professional claims. Understanding how these policies help your […] Read More

The Role of Contracts in Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance for Insurance Agents

Posted on: July 13, 2023 by Huntersure

Professionals in every industry should have insurance coverage to protect their assets against allegations. Lawyers are no different, and most firms should have lawyers professional liability coverage. Therefore, when assisting lawyers in finding coverage, it is critical to understand the importance of contracts within the insurance industry. What Is Lawyers Professional Liability Coverage? About four […] Read More

Best Practices for Responding to a Cease and Desist Letter

Posted on: June 22, 2023 by Huntersure

Receiving a cease and desist letter can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you have no legal background. As an insurance agent, many clients and employees rely on you — what happens if you have to go to court and can’t devote the proper resources to your agency? Before you jump to the worst-case scenario, know that […] Read More